Build Patient’s Trust Through Visual Communication. 
Diagnoses More Accurately By Examining Your Patient’s Mouth in Extreme Detail.

  • Picture in Picture (PIP) Intraoral camera 
  • VGA and USB interface 
  • 4 cold LED with high energy HD macro lens 
  • Built- in SD card slot 
  • 5 function buttons 
  • 2.5 long HD RGB handle line

  • Using professional- level image processing core unit GPU and granular architecture with HD cmos. 
  • RCP micro operating system independently developed, comes with RECORDER, CAPTURE and PLAYER which are professional- grade software platform. 
  • Depth of field (DOF) of 3- 50 mm, self- adaptation, 2M pixels with physical resolution, fractal interpolation algorithm raised to 4M pixels. 
  • Large- capacity SD card removable storage and integrated design solution. 
  • 130 degree super wide- angle lens macro lens non- plastic design, currently the world’s largest viewing area surface imaging lens. 
  • Dynamic process is particularly suitable for high- definition recording surface treatment was named the best dentist aids fast- growing skills.

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